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Atlanta Third-Party Work Injury Lawyers

What to Do If Your Work Injury Is Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation

In Georgia, injured workers are covered in most cases by workers’ compensation. However, this is only the case in certain circumstances. If you were injured on the job but your employer is not liable, you will likely not be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Additionally, even if you are able to recover workers’ compensation benefits, these benefits do not always cover the full cost of your damages. Workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia only cover medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitative costs; you cannot receive workers’ compensation benefits for pain and suffering, emotional distress, and similar non-economic damages.

If you were injured on the job but your employer is not responsible, you are not without options. You may be able to bring a third-party work injury claim against the liable party. At Whiteman, Hamilton & Conklin, LLC, we have handled these types of complex claims and can help you work to secure the fair recovery you deserve.

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Common Third-Party Workers compensation Claims

Injured worker on the groundA third party workers’ comp claim may be filed against someone other than your employer when you are injured while completing work for another company. In such cases, you may wish to file a third-party claim in order to secure the full, fair compensation you deserve.

Some examples of common third-party work injury claims include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents in which another driver causes the collision
  • Defective products in which a claim can be filed against the manufacturer
  • Toxic exposure, when the substance manufacturer acted negligently
  • Accidents involving defective machinery and/or equipment

In contrast to workers’ compensation, which is a form of no-fault insurance, personal injury and third-party work injury claims have the burden of proof. What this means is that you will need to prove that another party acted negligently and/or intentionally and that these actions led to your injuries.

Let Our Firm Fight for You

At Whiteman, Hamilton & Conklin, LLC, we have the experience, resources, and skill to effectively fight for the fair recovery you are owed. Our Atlanta third-party work injury attorneys are well-versed in these types of claims and can help you work to protect your legal right to compensation. Put more than 80 combined years of experience on your side; reach out to our team today!

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