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4 Questions for Your Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Dealing with a workers’ compensation issue is rarely simple, which is why it’s so important to work with an attorney who makes the ordeal simpler, not more challenging. If you have a workers’ compensation claim, make sure you choose a skilled, knowledgeable, trustworthy attorney to work with. As you prepare for your meeting with your attorney or potential attorney, make sure you know what questions to ask in order to protect your interests.

Before you begin your case, ask your workers’ comp attorney the following questions:

1. What is your legal experience?

The first question you ask your potential attorney should be about their experience, background, and qualifications. Discover how long they’ve been practicing law, ask about their involvement with their local bar, and find out if they’ve received any awards or recognitions for their legal achievements in workers’ compensation law.

2. Have you successfully handled a case like mine?

Different attorneys practice different areas of the law, so it’s important to find out if your potential attorney has specific experience working on cases like yours. Even the best criminal defense attorneys might be subpar when practicing personal injury law, so make sure your attorney has ample experience in workers’ compensation, specifically. Also, if your case has some complex element to it, make sure you ask about the attorney’s experience with those cases specifically. For example, if your claim was denied, ask how often that attorney deals with claim denials.

3. How would you handle my case?

Ask the attorney how they’d like to handle your case. You’ll want to be familiar with their advice and their preferred legal strategy, that way you can determine whether or not their method is something you’re onboard with. Don’t shy away from specifics. Ask about the strengths and weaknesses of your claim, and find out what your attorney would advise you to do.

4. What types of benefits could I receive? What are my options?

Workers’ compensation claims vary, just like any type of legal issue. Depending on how complex your claim is, and what type of damage you have sustained, the claims process could differ significantly. So, ask your attorney about your legal options, and find out what they foresee happening to your claim. If the attorney has an estimate for how much they think you might receive based on their own experience, that could help you determine how you’d like to proceed.

If you think you have a workers’ compensation claim, our team at Whiteman, Hamilton & Conklin, LLC is prepared to help. Our workers’ comp attorneys have ample experience working on a wide variety of cases, and we’ve received numerous awards and prestigious recognitions for our efforts.

Ready to get started? Contact Whiteman, Hamilton & Conklin, LLC today to request a free consultation today.

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