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Does Georgia Workers’ Compensation Cover Off-Site Work Injuries?

The state of Georgia’s workers’ compensation system provides benefits to victims of injuries that occurred while performing their job. Workers’ compensation was created strictly to cover the expenses related to work-related injuries, but it is not limited only to injuries at a place of work — even if an employee was not present at their typical work station when they were injured, they can still receive benefits. Workers can be compensated if they were injured while traveling for their job, at a work social function, or other situations outside of a traditional work setting.

Traveling and Commuting

Businesses that require some of their employees to travel often consider the driving, flying, or other travel time as hours on the clock. If a worker is injured at a company location they are visiting, or while traveling to that location, they will likely qualify for workers’ compensation under Georgia law.

Work Events

Events that were organized by a business could be considered “work time” under workers’ compensation laws. Although employees are not actually working at these events, they are mandated by employees’ place of work, and therefore covered by workers’ compensation insurance. However, injuries that result from intoxication or misconduct at a work event could be reason for a claim denial.

Working from Home

Employees who are injured while working from home could qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Most likely, the victim will need to prove that the injury was related to their work in some way. The success of a remote work claim will depend on the circumstances of the injury. Our attorneys can help you build a strong case to get the benefits you are entitled to.

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