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Can I Sue My Employer for Work Injury Damages?

The Georgia workers’ compensation system allows injured employees to collect benefits when they are hurt on the job, and protects employers from liability for damages. The law, as written, does not allow workers to sue their employer for work injuries.  While the law does allow an injured employee to collect benefits for lost wages when taken out of work by the employer’s/insurer’s workers’ compensation doctor, the law eliminates the typical damages a plaintiff can get in a regular personal injury case.

The good news is that if a third party was responsible for your injury, like private or company driver, or a vendor or customer visiting your place of work, you may have a separate lawsuit against that person or company. The key to successfully recovering from a work injury, both physically and financially, is to know ALL of your options. The attorneys at Whiteman, Hamilton & Conklin, LLC can identify all of your options for recovery when you have been injured at your job.

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