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What Benefits Does Georgia Provide Injured Workers?

Every day accidents happen on the job, leaving countless employees injured and unable to work any longer. When this happens, employers are meant to protect workers from the financial devastation of an injury. Workers’ compensation benefits exist for this very reason, though there are limitations depending on the specifics of your case as well as statewide restrictions in accordance with Georgia law.

Disability claims are often unfairly denied. For someone who truly needs these benefits to survive, a denial is upsetting and frightening. It is also extremely confusing trying to discover why your claim was denied. This is why our legal team at Whiteman, Hamilton & Conklin, LLC can present you with alternatives and options, including filing to appeal your denied claim, regardless of which benefits you seek. Before our personal injury lawyers can assess the details of your specific case, however, we must address whether or not you have met the minimum requirements for case approval.

The following are the main benefits offered for injured workers by the state of Georgia:

  • Medical benefits including all authorized treatment
  • Rehabilitation support
  • Supplemental income

What Types of Benefits Are Available?

Temporary disability is offered for injured employees who are unable to work for 7 days or more, and these benefits include 2/3 of your average weekly wage. However, these benefits cap at a certain amount and you cannot exceed the maximum. Because these benefits are temporary, they will only last until you reach maximum medical improvement or a designated time limit, specific to your disability.

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