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What Kind of Injuries Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Depending on the nature of your job, you may be susceptible to certain accidents or injuries as you work. While employers are legally required to ensure your safety while on the job, this isn’t always the case as mistakes can easily happen, leaving the victim severely injured and unable to work. Workers’ compensation is meant to protect workers in this very situation, though many employers can be resistant to paying financial compensation even when necessary. The best protection against this scenario begins with you finding a trusted Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney such as ours at Whiteman, Hamilton & Conklin, LLC.

The following are some of the most common injuries covered under workers’ compensation, including:

  • Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries
  • Broken or crushed bones
  • Sprained joints
  • Slip and fall injuries as a result of a slippery or wet floor
  • Repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel
  • Muscle injuries
  • Overexertion, most common in construction and factory workers

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Some of the costs covered under workers’ compensation include hospital and medical bills, disability payments, rehabilitation, and any other expenses incurred as a result of your employer’s negligence.

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