What Is Third-Party Liability?

Third-party liability is a type of injury under workers' compensation law, where the party responsible for your injury is neither you nor your employer. For many people these cases can be confusing. The Law Office of Hal Whiteman has compiled some of the questions we get most frequently on this topic to guide your understanding on third-party injuries.

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What Kinds Of Accidents Are Considered Third Party?

The basic definition is that these accidents are not your fault or your employer's fault, but that is a surprisingly large definition. It can include:

  • A defective product that malfunctions and injures you while you are working. These cases are products liability concerns, and the manufacturer can be considered at fault.
  • Injuries caused by a visitor to your workplace, such as a delivery truck dropping off material at a construction site accidentally running over a worker's foot. In this case it is not the construction worker or the site's fault but the truck and the shipping company.
  • A trespasser on your job site who causes an accident that injures you. The fault then lies with the trespasser.

There are many other scenarios, but if your injuries happen at work, no matter who is at fault, you can be compensated.

Are These Considered Part Of Workers' Compensation Or Are They Separate?

In a technical sense, most workers' compensation is about managing the process to get the desired outcome from your employer's insurance company. Third-party injury claims fall under a different category of litigation, mostly personal injury claims.

Does That Mean I Can Get A Settlement Twice As Large?

While injuries under workers' compensation are technically not concerned with fault, attempting to be paid twice for the same injury from two different parties is forbidden. It may be your claims will work to supplement each other, but that is different from "doubling up."

Protecting You In Complicated Cases

Third-party claims are complex, and it takes a lawyer with experience and strength to succeed in litigating these issues. Attorney Hal Whiteman is the right choice for you if you are facing injuries caused by a third party. Contact us today at our Atlanta office either by email or by calling us at 404-963-9424. Schedule a free consultation today.