What You Are Not Told About Partial Disability Benefits

Insurance companies have a vested interest in withholding information from you about permanent disability benefits. This sort of information is available but not widely known because large corporations benefit from you staying in the dark.

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Permanent partial disability is a real thing. If you are unable to do certain parts of your job anymore due to injuries, you deserve relief and compensation. Contact us for a free consultation to find out more about what we can do to help. Our number is 404-963-9424.

What Is Left On The Table

Frequently, medical professionals will refer people to us who suffer from injuries and are not getting the help they need. Every year people leave thousands of dollars on the table because they do not know the extent of their entitled coverage. This includes:

  • Nagging back injuries that make you unable to lift things
  • Traumatic emotional issues that prevent you from working in certain areas
  • A foot injury that causes you to limp and slows you down
  • Shoulder instability that can rob you of the ability to lift your arm above your head

Any permanent injury that affects your working ability can qualify, including an injury to your little finger, as long as that injury inhibits your ability to work.

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Going The Distance For You

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