Common Injuries In Construction And Manufacturing

Construction and manufacturing are two jobs with a great potential for a workplace injury. While it is rewarding work, essential to the economy and growth in general, there are some dangers that the people in these industries must regularly contend with. At the Law Office of Hal Whiteman, located in Atlanta, we get injured workers the help and compensation they need. Here are a few of the work-related injuries we have represented most often.

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Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder dislocation and instability are injuries caused by falls from large heights or awkward motions. When you have to work with your hands above your head, like electricians or painters, the required motions can become impossible.

Head, Neck And Brain Trauma

Machine shops and construction sites are hotbeds of fast-moving objects. If a piece comes loose in a machine or a material falls from a tall height, it can hit a person on the head. Even in a hard hat, these things can still cause significant injuries, such as concussions and neck problems.

Back Pain

People who lift things all day long are no strangers to back problems. Lower back pain is one of the most-reported injuries in the country for a reason. These injuries are difficult to explain and difficult to treat. In many cases, back injuries are career ending.

Wrist And Hand Problems

When you work with your hands, anything that happens to them can threaten your way of life. The best option for you is to make sure you are getting the right treatment and are treated right by the insurance companies you must deal with.

Experience Getting Results

Attorney Hal Whiteman has 35 years of working with injured workers all over Georgia to build real solutions to their problems. Our firm fights so you can rest easy. We offer free consultations and responsive communication. Contact us online or by calling 404-963-9424, and speak with a lawyer known for his results in workers' compensation cases.