Attorney Referrals

We proudly honor referrals from lawyers in Georgia and throughout the United States.

When a colleague refers a client they do so because they expect us to achieve the best results possible for the client.

Our aggressive litigation and dedication to excellence make us a consistent choice for referring attorneys. Hal has a reputation for achieving outstanding results and maximizing the value of his cases. He has the reputation of taking the hard cases and obtaining good results despite the challenges.

There are three types of attorneys who generally benefit from referring cases to us:

  • Attorneys who do not practice workers compensation
  • Attorneys who do not have the experience in representing claimants in complex workers compensation claims
  • Attorneys who are not admitted to practice in Georgia.

As a referring attorney, we treat you the way we would want to be treated if we referred you a case. You will be provide with regular updates and notified of any significant events that may affect the ultimate outcome of the case. And of course you will be notified promptly of the final resolution of the case.

We generally pay a referral fee of one-third for most workers compensation claims. However, as all attorneys understand, the facts of each case may justify a higher or lower referral fee.

If you have a case you would like to refer, or if you are interested in associating us on a case, we welcome the opportunity to talk to you. Contact us today for further information.