A Fighter For Working People

People hurt in Georgia have a hard time of things. Whether you were hurt at work or while living your life, you may not know what can be done to get you back to where you need to be. That can be stressful, but there is a way to get help.

The Law Office of Hal Whiteman is respected throughout the Atlanta metro area for our experience in getting clients the outcomes they require in workers' compensation and personal injury cases. When you speak with us, we do not tell you the legal components of your case. We lay out what has happened and what we can do to get compensation for you. Read more about how we earned our reputation by reading our attorney's bio.

On Your Side And Unintimidated

Whether your injuries happened at work or otherwise, one thing is certain: You will be dealing with large organizations that are less concerned about your needs than their bottom lines. They have resources that can be discouraging, but we are not going to let you be rolled over. We will take over the fight for you in:

  • Workers' compensation claims
  • Third-party liability litigation
  • Commercial trucking accidents

Large law firms and opponents with deep pockets do not intimidate us. Attorney Hal Whiteman has 35 years of hard-earned experience on his side, and he fights hard to get you what you deserve.

Keeping You Informed

When you meet with us, you will see how dedicated our firm is to getting you the information you need. As your case Anna Rueda moves forward, we let you know the details that matter and guide you to the decision you need to make.

Anna M. Rueda works as a paralegal for the firm and has legal experience helping individuals with Social Security Disability. Working with Social Security and workers' compensation attorneys has enabled her to know how best to assist clients in the most difficult times of their lives.

Anna graduated with an associate degree in business administration and management from Georgia Perimeter College, where she was on the dean's list. Anna graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor's degree in finance in May 2015. She received a scholarship from Gilman International Scholarship to study abroad with the European Council in Paris, France, in 2011. She has been a Certified Notary Public for Georgia since 2013. Anna's personal interests include traveling, yoga and spending time with her family and her four-legged children.

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